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First Impressions: The NEW Fujifilm X100VI

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Alex Everett • February 20, 2024

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This blog post was originally written by Alex for Glazer’s Camera, with stats and marketing headlines directly from Fujifilm. He was granted use of the pre-production unit for a short time through his role as Social Media & Event Coordinator at Glazer’s Camera. The new Fujifilm X100VI is now available in-store and online at

First Thoughts

Being able to explore the release edition of the Fujifilm X100VI (pronounced X100 “Six”) was so… freeing. I may not be a Fujifilm shooter personally, but this camera, albeit a pre-production version, has pointed me to toying with the idea of submitting a pre-order for this camera when available. I was baffled by something the X100V users have raved about for years – the immense usability and number of features packed into such a small form factor. It’s so easy to just grab it and go. From a new sensor for the X100 line – the same 40MP APS-CX-Trans CMOS 5 HR BSI as the XT-5 – to the introduction of up to 6 stops of In-Body Image Stabilization (IBIS), the new edition has tons of features that professionals and hobbyists alike are dubbing ‘essentials’. It’s clear that although the X100V was not lacking in any sense, the new iteration has the potential to be an affordable, professional, all-in-one solution.

Higher Resolution, Greater Freedom

To start, the image capture itself has received a complete overhaul from Fujifilm. The new X100 VI sports a new 40MP sensor, the same one that is in the Fujifilm XT-4. Fujifilm has told us explicitly that the target audience for this model is truly the “Creative Purist”, whom they define as someone who “requires optimum image quality at all times, or someone who needs the tool to deliver flexibility and ease of use.” It’s clear that this almost 14 megapixel jump in image size is a leading force in their choice to make it not only a choice for hobbyists, but also for professionals – and all other “Creative Purists”.

Want another way to put it? The X100VI will deliver content with 1.5 times more resolution than the X100V, at nearly twice the speed. Not only does the creator therefore have more flexibility if needed in post-production, they can also utilize the new camera’s ability to control exposure at an elite level, with the internal 4-stop ND filter. Oh, and the X100VI has an internal crop mode of 1.4x and 2.0x, allowing the shooter to get closer to the action in-camera as opposed to cropping in post.

Keep Your Creativity Moving

I was PUMPED to see on the stat sheet that this camera has not only In-Body Image Stabilization (IBIS), but also that it happened to be 5-axis stabilization that will provide up to 6 stops of stabilization. The “internal gyro sensors automatically detect movements and vibrations to minimize the impact of camera shake for [the] important moments…” Not only does it help with shaky hands particularly at low shutter speeds when taking stills, but also throughout any of the various video modes this camera can shoot.

Professional Reels in the Palm of Your Hand

The X100VI can deliver resolutions of up to 6.2k @ 30 fps and 4k @ 60 fps, which makes it one of the most versatile tools able to deliver on-the-go content straight out of camera. Thinking you need to do some post-production and color correction? You can totally use F-Log2, but remember – the X100VI includes 20 of Fujifilm’s unique Film Simulations, such as REALA Ace.

Fast AF

The X100VI utilizes the upgraded speed of its new X-Processor 5 image processing engine to power an improved autofocus that has been trained on deep learning technology to bring next-level subject detection. This new technology will enhance and broaden the number and type of subjects rendered recognizable by the X100VI, allowing for object tracking even in low-light conditions.

So, yes. I definitely am keeping this camera on my personal shortlist moving forward. Frankly, with the new 40.2mp sensor, it will probably find its way into my wedding photography business at some point. To have such an unobtrusive camera with such quality is truly a feat of its own.

The Fujifilm X100VI is now available in both black and silver at

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